The Mission

Our mission is to help people with great ideas that will have a positive impact on their community achieve their goals by offering proposal writing, project management, and workshop facilitation services that transform their vision into reality.

Company Philosophy and Vision

  1. Our values include: integrity, credibility, community, family, innovation and excellent customer service.
  2. Our vision is to become a nationally recognized grant writing and project management consulting firm that has helped build the capacity of thousands of organizations who are making a positive impact on their community.


Since 2008, Ruthi Caldwell and Lisa Westerbeck noticed a common theme in many start-up non-profits. So many had amazing vision, but struggled to find funding to make their vision reality; or worse, those with an amazing vision who attained funding, lacked the project management skills to succeed in achieving their goals. Even today, many think the worst thing that can happen to their project is to never gain funding. But, truly the worst thing that can happen is to gain funding for a project, but it was so poorly planned or managed, it cannot be completed successfully. Many people dive into their programs head first without adequate planning or risk evaluation, which sometimes ends in disaster. Grant writers alone cannot prevent this from happening. There was a huge need for grant writers with project management experience who could support Project Leads and Principle Investigators from beginning to end of a project.

So, fast-forward to 2015. Ruthi and Lisa decided to use their grant writing and project management background to help leaders at startup non-profits, businesses, and universities on new projects from the beginning to the end by offering a full array of services including:

  1. Develop Your Idea
  2. Find and Apply for Funding
  3. Manage Awards and Projects
  4. Finish and Report Successfully

Based on best practices in project development and management, Ruthi and Lisa have developed a unique line of tools and resources to assist clients no matter which stage of development their project is currently. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals to make a difference in your community.